Built & Relevant Work

As it is not possible under United States Federal Regulation to show technical drawings and specifications for Government­funded projects without proper clearance, please see below for a selection of completed work at the General Services Administration.


Design Projects (ranging between 10K and 100K US Dollars)

Redesign for the Office of Health and Human Services, Linthicum, MD

Barrier Replacement and Bollard Redesign for US Marshals, Various Locations

Aesthetic and Safety Improvement to Hallways and Signage, Various Locations

Lighting/Electrical installation, US Holocaust Memorial Museum Workshop, Washington Area

Water diversion and brick entrance redesign, Federal Courthouse, Baltimore, MD

Chambers and Office Renovation for the Federal Courthouse in Baltimore

Hon. Judge Andre M. Davis Chambers Renovation (Court of Appeals)

Interior carpet replacement and redesign for all offices (Court of Appeals)

Office Build out and detainee cells for US Marshals Service

Chambers 7B Office Renovation (District Court)

Chambers 5B & 3D Office Build­out (District Court)

Chambers 1C Closet and carpet installation (Bankruptcy Court)

Chambers 9D Bathroom and Kitchenette installation (Bankruptcy Court)


Technical Representative Reports and Planning

Fire Alarm replacement and upgrade inspection, Edward A. Garmatz Courthouse, Baltimore, MD

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) assessment, Various Locations

Shooting Range repair and maintenance establishment for US Marshals, Various Locations

Damaged Entry Gate Repairs, Various Locations


Agency Representation

GSA Representative, Combined Federal Campaign, Chesapeake Bay Area

GSA Representative, District Court of Maryland Federal Judge Monthly Bench Meeting